There aren’t words that could do justice to describe the Lubavitcher Rebbe. He has hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of admirers around the world, and is the foremost figure in Judaism and more than any other leader in the history of the Jewish People, responsible for the spiritual awakening of world Jewry.

The Rebbe as the Moshe Rabainu (Moses) and leader of our generation, and 7th Rebbe of the Chabad Lubavitch Organization (the worlds largest Jewish educational outreach organization) through the utmost of self-sacrifice, has been responsible for over 5,000 emissaries being sent to the farthest corners of the world to ensure proper education, Torah knowledge and Jewish identity to Jews everywhere.

The Rebbe’s leadership is not only directed to the Jewish People, but to every human being by encouraging everyone to explore and discover their unique role as an integral part of the tapestry of G-d’s creation. Additionally The Rebbe emphasizes the importance of the observance of the 7 Universal Noahide Laws (described in a 1991 bill as the “ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded”).

April 18, 1978 was inaugurated by President Jimmy Carter as National Education Day, and has since been proclaimed by every subsequent presiding President annually on the Jewish birthday of the Rebbe, the 11th of Nissan (the only day on the civil calendar that changes yearly based solely on the corresponding Hebrew date).

As one of the most accessible public figures in the world, through personal meetings, letters and public gatherings the Rebbe has advised Rabbinic leaders, heads of state and political figures on matters of national and international importance, and Jews and Gentiles-from every country and walk of life.

The Rebbe teaches us that all solutions to problems come by approaching a situation from a higher plane of awareness, and by highlighting the positive potential that we all posses, enabling one to exercise his or her hidden ability. His manifest and unbounded concern for the welfare of all mankind is accentuated specifically by his concern for public education and knowledge with an emphasis on character building and moral and ethical values.

The Rebbe’s ultimate desire and vision is to see the world perfected, not only to put an end to the worlds’ pain and suffering, but because the era of Moshiach is the ultimate completion and purpose for which it was created. The Rebbe told us “We stand poised at the threshold of a spiritual revolution, a world filled with Divine knowledge, the time of Moshiach. A single good deed on your part can transform the world.”

The Rebbe MHM calls upon every one of us to consciously connect and work towards the furtherance of this goal. It is our heartfelt wishes and prayers that we assist the Rebbe in his powerful mission by inspiring todays young adults to add in deeds of goodness and kindness each one of us has the ability to hasten the arrival of Moshiach’s coming.