Imagine a world where there is only good. Where you could fulfill your life purpose in a joyful and meaningful way. Where each individual could use their G-d given powers and abilities towards not only bettering themselves but contributing to the world around us. Our Sages teach us that the entire purpose of Creation, the goal from the very beginning was a world perfected, not just through G-d’s hands, but also through the contributing hands of all His children. We have been appointed as G-d’s ambassadors of light, of helping and bettering, and improving the world around us and turning a world that conceals G-d, into one that reveals Him.

We believe that no matter how rough the outer edges of our youth may be or may have become through being the product of hard knocks, difficult and at times overwhelming life circumstances, there are beautiful diamonds inside, and often it is those diamonds that come from the coarsest and densest of carbon that turn out to be the most brilliant. Yet at the same time the deeper within the diamond lies the more time, effort, and work is necessary to reveal it.

With G-d’s help as well as the generous donors that realize the value in what The Center brings to our community and its youth and wish to be a partner in our vision, we hope and eagerly anticipate building our state of the art Center. In order to meet the demand of the countless Jewish youth here in South Florida (one of the most densely populated Jewish communities in the world) that we are not currently equipped to reach and support, we need to expand to offer more one on one counseling, mentoring, therapy, addiction counseling, guidance counseling, career counseling, vocational training, computer labs, a music room, and expanded Torah classes, as well as a fully equipped Shul (house of prayer) and Beis Medrash (house of study). In addition, the future home of The Center will have a full sports complex inclusive of a gym, basketball courts and swimming pool as the Rambam (world renowned Jewish scholar, philosopher and doctor who authored the Mishneh Torah, a codification of Jewish and Talmudic law) clearly teaches us that in addition to nourishing the soul we must also promote a healthy lifestyle and take good care of our bodies.

Our future expansion plans will also provide us with the ability to broaden the scope of our reach and influence by addressing the needs of our Jewish young women, as well as being able to provide services to the non-Jewish members of our community as well.