Meet our Guides:


Matisyahu Abarbanel

Founder & Director

In the not too distant past, Matis was living what most people would consider to be a life that dreams are made of. He was a partner of a multi-million dollar personal injury law firm, living in a beautiful house on the water, and driving around in Porsche’s, Ferrari’s and chauffeured in stretch limousines to VIP clubs and 5 star restaurants. He partied in high roller hotel suites across the world, mansions and on yachts with the likes of P Diddy, Madonna, and Hugh Hefner. (To see a short before and after video clip of Matis’s journey click here).

Despite his success, Matis grew restless of a life devoid of any real meaning, and began searching for a deeper reality and universal truth. Some soul searching led him to take a hiatus from the practice of law, and after a brief stint as a stand up comedian, he picked up a backpack and began travelling around the world longing to quench the thirst of his soul. His journey eventually led him to Israel where he settled and lived for four years, reconnecting with his Jewish roots, attending Yeshiva, getting married, and spending the majority of his time studying Torah and helping those less fortunate.

In 2008, Matis returned to his hometown of South Florida as a devout Chassidic Jew armed with a new life mission of making the world a better place and a true dwelling for G-d. Upon witnessing the financial meltdown and foreclosure crisis that was plaguing his hometown community, he co-founded a law firm called Loan Lawyers to focus on helping and fighting for the rights of South Florida homeowners and consumers plagued with debt and financial problems.

Matis soon realized the overwhelming need in the community for young Jewish men that were facing the difficulty and challenges of transitioning from youth to adulthood while searching for identity and purpose in a world of confusion. He began having Shabbat meals, Torah classes and Chassidic Farbrengens in his home, and what started with a few guys grew into weekly gatherings of 50 – 60 young Jewish men thirsty for warmth, sincerity and meaningful guidance. The Center is now a place of its own, and since it’s beginning has been a friendly, non-judgmental and uplifting environment to the thousands of young Jewish men that have frequented it. “There is nothing more enjoyable than to see a young man transform from a life of confusion or depression into a positive and happy person living a meaningful and productive life. It’s the smiles returning to these young guys’ faces that makes all the difference in the world.”

After experiencing life to it’s fullest capacity of materialistic and worldly pleasures and then choosing to live as an Observant Chabad Chassidic Jew, our founding director offers a unique and remarkable perspective on life unparalleled by traditional rabbinical or spiritual figures. Besides contributing a tremendous amount of his time, energy, and resources, Matis founded and continues to fund The Center with his own money, and to this day is its biggest benefactor (a title he is hoping and praying to relinquish in the immediate future).

In addition to dedicating his time to The Center and running his busy law practice, Matis is a sought-after speaker sharing his inspiring and motivating personal story of change and growth. Matis still manages to squeeze every moment possible to spend time with his family, travel, entertain guests, and go hiking, swimming and bike riding.

Avremel Rimler

Assistant Director

Rabbi Avrohom Rimler was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. As a teenager and young adult, he traveled around the world to help grow Jewish communities abroad. He worked in New Zealand, South Africa and more recently in a college town in North New York.
Avrohom enjoys playing sports, loves nature and camping, drumming, singing and learning. He is passionate and energetic and enjoys sharing the joy of life with others.
Together with his wife Ayelet and their children Moussia and Mendel, they moved to Miami in September 2018 to focus on his next endeavor: growing and expanding the reach of The Center.  Avrohom will be learning with others and helping the center grow by focusing on the next generation of Jewish teens.

He says, “The Center successfully creates an environment where guys can hang out in a comfortable setting, being who they are without being judged. No matter who or what you are, you are welcome. We don’t judge by family, friends, educators or community members.”

Levi Bonnardel

Levi Bonnardel

Logistics Supervisor & Teacher

Levi grew up in Miami, and went through the local Yeshiva system. Levi witnessed first hand many young Jewish men that were facing challenges in their connections to G-d and Judaism, and has a lot to contribute to others as a result of the challenges he went through as well as others around him that he was able to help out.

In addition to teaching classes and being a mentor, Levi is the logistics and “stuff” guy at The Center. He always is around to give and to help, and everyone around The Center knows they can rely on Levi to get it done.

Levi is passionate about helping out young Jewish men at The Center. “Having The Center open, it can turn your ordinary life into one that revolves around positive Jewish experiences. I believe that Yiddishkiet is alive and people are thirsty for it, so my goal is to live a rich Jewish life and spread that joy and positive experience with others that I interact with.”

“It is a tremendously rewarding experience being able to work with these young Jewish adults. These boys have so much to give, and so much to express, and unfortunately they don’t have the right positive guidance or direction. I’m happy to be part of this amazing place, and see the impact it has on the community and the individuals that come to The Center.”

Sam Chein

Mentor, Teacher & Life Coach

Shmuel grew up in New York where he studied in Chabad Schools including Rabbinical College for Rabbinic Ordination.

Being an avid student of constant growth and social impact, Shmuel recently decided to take on Coaching certification to help people facilitate growth and progress for holistic health and mindset transformation.