Mentorship and Guidance

One of the most difficult challenges we ever face in our lives is crossing the ‘bridge’ of transitioning from youth to young adulthood and the accompanying search for identity, purpose, and meaning that comes with it.


Simcha is the Hebrew word for joy, and those who have participated in a Chassidic Farbengen (a joyous gathering) will attest to not only being enlightened, delighted and rejuvenated, but often experience the inspiration leading to real positive life changes.

Grill and Chill

Our chill out nights at The Center are some of the best times for hanging out, connecting and building friendships, and of course eating delicious food!


One of the cornerstones of Judaism is giving back to the people and communities that we live in.


The Center has many awesome trips and activities that our members really enjoy; the shooting range, camping, football, and kayaking to name a few.

Torah Learning & Lectures

The Torah is G-d’s blueprint for creation and serves as a bridge to connect to an Infinite G-d with our finite minds. Torah is food for the soul and a key ingredient for a good and happy heart.


Shabbatons at The Center or different fun spots are life changers and one of the most enjoyable and peaceful experiences you could imagine!


Is one of the greatest ways to reconnect to our source, and if you want to experience a fun and joyous way to pray then come check out our group prayer, which is of course followed by amazing breakfast.