Welcome to The Center!

Welcome to The Center!

The Center provides a warm, fun and non-judgmental environment for young Jewish men ages 17-30, empowers them to overcome the challenges faced in the transition from youth to adulthood, and helps guide them towards discovering their own unique and fulfilling life purpose.

Our Story

The Center is a place where Jewish youth can learn more about their heritage, identity, and life purpose in a warm, comfortable, and positive environment where they can express themselves freely without being judged. A place where they can chill out and eat a nice hot kosher meal, while having a great time and connect to other young guys their age going through similar life journeys.

We stand poised at the threshold of a spiritual revolution, a world filled with Divine knowledge, the time of Moshiach. A single good deed on your part can transform the world.

-The Rebbe

Meet the team

We are people who care about the Jewish youth in our community and are committed to accepting, mentoring, inspiring, empowering, helping them overcome challenges, and most of all guiding them towards the pursuit of happiness.

Matisyahu Abarbanel

Founder & Director

Levi Bonnardel

Logistics Supervisor & Teacher


Assistant Director


positively touched lives of South Florida Jewish youth 


kosher meals served


hours of Torah classes learned 


farbrengens (joyous and inspiring Chassidic gatherings)


fun trips made 


sports activities competed


Shabbatons helded