The Center assists young Jewish men who are dealing with the challenges of transitioning from youth to adulthood, with a focus on enjoying the journey to discovering who we are, why we are here and what were supposed to be doing.

Guys who come to The Center benefit by getting guidance in such areas as finding meaning and purpose in life, dealing with trauma or stress, finding the right career paths, building relationships, and approaching marriage; all while having fun and building friendships with others going through similar life passages.

We approach this through a multitude of activities and programs that focus on providing a positive atmosphere as well as utilizing tools derived from the deepest secrets of the universe (Kabbalah and Chassidus) and applying them to the world we live in here and now as well as to the individual’s unique situation. By traversing similar terrains and life challenges and being blessed with the knowledge of the requisite tools to succeed, we are in a unique situation to be able to empower others.

Our Mission: The Center provides a warm, fun and non-judgmental environment for young Jewish men ages 17-30, empowers them to overcome the challenges faced in the transition from youth to adulthood, and helps guide them towards discovering their own unique and fulfilling life purpose.

Our Mantra: Discover the joy of becoming you!

We guide, we mentor, we accept, we inspire, we counsel, we advise, we empower.

But most importantly, we have fun. There is a reason why 7 billion people have unique retinas, DNA’s, and fingerprints. G-d doesn’t make mistakes, nor create things out of boredom. If we are here then there is a reason, so lets have fun in discovering what it is.

Since our founding in 2008 (which for the first 6 years our events were held in Matis’s living room) we have positively had an impact on thousands of young Jewish men’s’ lives. People with every kind of background and in every situation, have been part of the activities at The Center. From “normal” American guys disillusioned with the lures of material riches, to those with drug, alcohol or sex additions. From good homes, broken homes, rich homes and poor homes. We have hosted young Jewish guys who have never had any revealed connection to Judaism as well as those that come from the most frum homes of Rabbis and community leaders that have completely left the path or still outwardly appear to be observant while “secretly’ living double lives under the unsuspecting noses of their families.

Some have been in town for a few days and stopped in for some words of inspiration or a good home cooked kosher meal, while others are regular members of The Center since it started participating in our learning, classes, farbrengens, trips and Shabbatons. With G-d’s help we have seen tremendous success with countless Center members join yeshivas (part time or full time Jewish learning immersion schools), go to college, start jobs, careers, open business, get married, and even join the Israeli Army (Go Chayilim!).

A man goes through multiple growth and development stages in his life and often the ‘bridge’ of transitioning from one stage to the next is challenging, difficult, and often overwhelming. The Center was founded and built for the purpose of assisting young Jewish men with one of, if not the most difficult challenges they will ever go through in their lives; transitioning from youth to adulthood and the accompanying search for identity, purpose, and meaning that comes with it. Most people never have the benefit of not only having a meeting place to befriend others that are going through the same life challenges, but to have guides and mentors that are not only dedicated and committed to help, but that can offer tools to help succeed in the journey. For those that have been blessed to have access to such guides they know that it makes all the difference in the world.

In addition to the big life questions that we ponder as we mature into adults such as:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is my life purpose?

How did I get here?

Where am I going?

There are also the immediate challenges of adulthood, such as:

It’s time to move out of the parents’ house, what am I going to do with my life?

How am I going to make a living?

What direction do I turn to?

Am I ready to start thinking about getting married and starting a family of my own?

I have addiction problems, what do I do?

The Sefer Yetzirah (The Book of Formation), which is the oldest and most mystical of Kabbalistic texts, speaks of 32 paths of wisdom. Besides the number 32 being the gematria (numerical equivalent) of the Hebrew word for heart (Lev), the word used for paths (Netivot) has the meaning and implication of a unique, hidden, and personal journey that must be undertaken exclusively by the individual on his own.

It is by progressing through these unique life paths that each one of us unfolds who we are and why we are here. The greatest journey one can take in life is that of self-discovery; fortunate is he that has access to help and guidance along the way.